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Meet the team

Our team of experienced developers, designers, and project managers will to assist you in crafting a digital product that will thrive in the fiercely competitive market of today.
Nermin Sehic


From day one, my vision for Betastudio was to blend creativity and technology to empower clients and fuel growth, providing a platform for individuals and businesses to thrive. Our mission is to craft tailored, cutting-edge solutions that drive success in the digital age and contribute to our clients' stories.

As founder, I'm proud to lead a talented team committed to excellence, adaptability, and collaboration, pushing boundaries and challenging the status quo. Our diverse expertise enables us to stay ahead, anticipating trends, and delivering innovative results that make a difference.


Throughout the entire process, from ideation to execution, your project will benefit from the expertise and dedication of our industry focused engineers, developers, and designers, who will be at your service to ensure its success.


We understand that everyone has their own unique approach to work.

We offer our team the freedom and flexibility to work according to their preferred methods. Located at Kolodvorska 5, our office in Sarajevo is the most extensive co-working area in Bosnia and Herzegovina, covering an expansive 2,700 square meters.